Sweden's Green party backtracks and now wants to support the government sells Telia


Saturday, 07 May 2011
The Swedish Green Party's outgoing spokes person Maria Wetterstrand want to support the Swedish government drive to sell the state's holding in TeliaSonera. Earlier attempts for such moves were quashed in the parliament by the opposition including the Swedish far fight party, the Swedish Democrats 

According to the Swedish business daily, Dagens Industry, the only proviso is that the network is placed in a separate state company.


Earlier this spring, attempts by the government to carry out the sales of the shares in particular, Telia was constrained by the Greens bust according to Maria Wetterstrand the government can go ahead with the sale if it add Telia's network in a separate company to push through a sale of Telia Holdings writes the paper.

"My opinion is that it is the network that the state should retain control over. The actual telephone part is competitive. I find it hard to see that the state has the need to be a player in a functioning commercial market, "said Maria Wetterstrand Dagens Industry.
"I'm surprised that the government has not even tried to talk to us.” she added

The basic augment is that since the state makes the rules on how companies should operate, it is unwise for the state to own companies because it is believed that the rules will favour state companies – this is the argument put forward by the Swedish government any way and this is their driving force to sell most of state firms. The opposition is against the sales.
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