Swedish Far right extremists are prepared to use force to enforce their ideology


Wednesday, 27 July 2011
Swedish security police have said that hundreds of people in Sweden are ready to use violence in any context in order to force their right-wing ideology through. These are people who are associated to the right wing “white power” movements

Swedish security police (SAPO) head analyst, Johan Olsson told radio Sweden that:
“Those we have noted that people prepared to do it today are numbered at about hundreds.”


However, he notes that most of them are not organized in an organization but perhaps in a network. But there are those in some organizations that are organized into looser shapes with in a number of established and un-established groups which share views similar to those of Anders Behring Breivik, but it is not easy to find groups that want to act like Breivik.

Violent people are in different political ideologies, but when it comes to just right-wing extremism SAPO has identified hundreds of  people who are active criminals who are reported to resort to any form of violence to drive through their ideology.

According to Johan Olsson, it's what is known as the white power environment lead by among others Nazi groups, but also others which are lurking in the sheds.

John Jakobsson, a journalist from the news paper Expo, which has studied right-wing groups in Sweden and beyond, told radio Sweden that there is violent behaviour towards society in a very few, but Nazi groups in Sweden.

“The groups speaks very far and wide that it is important to conduct a comprehensive struggle against society. That all persons who stand up for democratic values are the enemies of the Aryan race, which they then struggle to preserve at all costs.”
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