Swedish Christian Democrats’ youths call for the compulsory institution of Swedish language test as a prerequisite for Swedish citizenship


Sunday, 10 July 2011
“Abolish multiculturalism and introduce language tests for new citizens,” this is the view of Aron Modig, newly elected chairman of the Sweden’s Christian Democratic Party Youth League.

The leadership of the party however, disagrees with the proposals which saw a thunderous welcome by the far rights, Sweden Democrats.

“It is reasonable to know the language and some traditions before becoming citizens of this country. When you've lived some years in Sweden you should be able to it,” says Aron Modig to Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter.


In early June, the Christian Democratic Party Youth League (CDU) adopted a controversial motion that declares that the social community was against multiculturalism. A view that was shared and welcomed by Gustav Kasselstrand, chairman of Sweden Democratic Youth (SDU).

The CDU has since 2008 made a sharp right turn under the former chairman Charlie Weimers, who previously co-founded the network Engelbrecht with nationalist elements. His successor, Aaron Modig is also critical of the concept of multiculturalism, which he considers "build parallel societies within the community."
“To build a community, we must have some basic pillars that all need to stand on.”
On views that people can perceive that the CDU could be working with SD, Aaron Modig said that:

“We think alike on this issue. But I do not see that we can cooperate with them because the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.”

Acko Ankarberg Johansson, party secretary of the Swedish Christian Democrat Party, renounces its Youth League opinions. She disagreed on the view that language criteria be introduced as a requirement for attaining Swedish citizenship.
“I do not think it's a good idea. However, it is extremely important that as immigrants gain a better Swedish tuition than what we have today.”
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