Swedish Centre party proposes to privatize Swedish healthcare


Friday, 19 August 2011
The changes and evolutions taking placing place in the Swedish healthcare system, which wants to deviate from the universal model matches on. One party in the ruling coalition, the Centre Party wants 50 percent of all care in the country to be put in private hands. Today only 10 percent of them are in private hands.

Part of the proposal soon to be presented before the party congress this autumn has been seen my some sectors of the Swedish media.

The conservative parties when they came to power in Sweden in the 1990s, had called for a revolution of the welfare system. Then prime minister, Carl Bildt did little to show of in that direction.  One of the areas where the Conservatives want to see changes is in the healthcare sector but as the current Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt


This, the Centre Party wants to change. The Party’s officials have decided that more healthcare be given to the private sector for management "in the long run" the public control will  be reduced to 50 percent.

But knives already seem to be sharpened and critics have sharpened their tongues as well. The first question being asked is whether private companies will put their quest for profits before the provision of proper care.
The party hit back that “We do not think it is wrong to cash in on welfare services. There is no question when a construction company makes a profit when they build a hospital. Then it is not surprising that one can make profit on the provision of services,” said the party

If the proposal is supported in the party’s general assembly meeting in �re, Sweden between the 22nd and 25th of  September, when the current Centre Party leader, Maud Olofsson resigns, then it could be held as the party’s next government policy.

The three candidates to vying to replace her as the next party leaders of the party are all behind the proposal.

Acceding to Swedish media reports, Annie L��f is already being seen as a favourite to take over as the next party head.  Also it is reported that eleven centre party members support L��f, who also sits in parliament and is the party's economic policy spokesperson, against five for the Regional Minister, Anna-Karin Hatt.
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