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The Swedes paints a gloomy outlook for their economy.

Monday, 16 January 2012
Although their economy s not among those which has a credit downgrade recently, the Swedes are beginning to have a bleak view of their economy over the next year, according to a new study by the Swedish organisation,  Svenskt Kvalitetsindex (Swedish Quality Index)
 (SKI) in a recent survey.


In the previous poll, confidence in the economy fell substantially, and it has continued to fall since then and the future does not look great. The decline is seen in the perception of the Swedes own economy and the way they feel for the economy as a whole.

SKI's survey is based on interviews with almost 15,000 people conducted during the fourth quarter of last year.

Swedish Quality Index is an analysis system in the service of society launched back in 1998.
Swedish Quality Index collect, analyze and disseminate information on how customers perceive suppliers, products / services in several respects.
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