Sweden’s Social Democrats to invest in the youth by guaranteeing summer jobs for all


Saturday, 04 June 2011
Some people – not all know how applying for a job just after education was met with intense frustration emanated from rejections struggle – to cope frustrations of rejection. Most people who can’t find work – the young, in most cases blame their rejection for lack of experience.

Many young people we spoke to recently in Sweden asked the question that if they are not offered a chance how then they can gain work experience. One of the graduates in business told this reporter that work experience is not taught in business schools but he had gathered lots of knowledge from working with business cases and had worked in some research environments where some of their studies had been tested.  For example he talked of how an idea put forward by some American researchers, Spear and Womack to design business management models for hospital management was tested in one hospital in Sweden and it worked.

But after graduating he has been applying for hundreds of jobs even in areas where he worked to test his research ideas. But je was rejected or he did not even get a reply. This stressful and is beginning to question many young people why they have to sacrifice so much and learn, developing new ideas that will never be used.

Seeing how this type of attitude is fragmenting the Swedish business environment, the political forces have started playing towards gaining from it. The opposition Social Democrats are the first to cough and are now promising to invest Skr800 million to guarantee summer jobs to young people, from next summer.

This is the gaol set by the Social Democratic party leader Hakan Juholt which he told Swedish radio on Saturday in an interview.

“We are already in the autumn budget to present means in which all young people in Sweden, from ninth grade to the final year of high school should have summer jobs with contractual remuneration for three weeks. We must ensure that the public funds this, "he said.


According to Hakan Juholt it will cost a maximum of Skr800 million, but if many young people are able to obtain jobs on their own the cost to the state will of course be lower. Since it is difficult based on past experience, the government must be prepared to support young people make themselves useful during the summer months

And according to Hakan Juholt this is an important reform.
“All young people should have the chance to be needed, feel needed, to enter the job market.”
“It must be based on local agreements between each municipality that arranges this. But we will set aside funds to make it possible for all young people to get a summer job, "said Social Democratic party leader Hakan Juholt to radio Sweden.

Youth unemployment is high at the moment in Sweden and the political leader believe that continuous training of the youths during the internal periods in the summer enters their CV with they will show when the time comes for them to entre real employment. This is sacrifice worth taking if Sweden is to successfully invest in its youths and build the required skills of tomorrow.
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