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Sweden's Social Democrats party opens its doors for EU Pact talks

Monday, 19 December 2011
Tommy Waidelich, the Social Democrat’s economic policy spokesperson, is open for talks on Swedish accession to the euro countries' fiscal pact.

But the Social Democrat requires, just as the Conservative Moderates, that there would not be any binding budgetary rules


“If you offer us something else, we are open to discuss,” Waidelich said to Swedish television news program, Agenda on Sunday.

This is a back tracking from their previous position in which they were vehemently against any involvement in the pact which was seen as something designed for Euro currency countries.

Waidelich now holds that the view of the party leader, Hakan Juholt and the party's past stance against the fiscal pact only applied to the first version that was presented after the EU summit.
Waidelich said that the government is fragmented and that Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt should invite party leaders to a discussion table.
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