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Hakan Juholt, Sweden Social Democrat’s leader in more sleazy claim scandal. This might finally bring the leader down

Thursday, 13 October 2011
The leader of the Swedish Social Democrat party is gradually reaching a point of no return in his various expenses claims. Recent to emerge is a reported double claim on car expenses. If this turns out to be true, then the Social Democrats party will start looking for another leader.

Hakan Juholt, according to various reports drawn from the findings of a Swedish tabloid newspaper, Expressen, received compensation for rental cars and at the same time was paid mileage allowance for his private car. Some authorities, including the big wigs of the Swedish Social Democrat party have now concluded that enough is enough and that Hakan Juholt must go.

But Hakan Juholt himself on Wednesday night did not want to comment on the newspaper's information.

The core of the report hold that there are significant ambiguities in Juholt travel claims from 2007, according to the tabloid, Expressen. He might have according to these actions, collected dual claims which would be against the law and added to his housing benefit claim which is still under investigation; the leader of the opposition’s credibility is gone.


Breaking down the car claim analysis, the first session is said to have taken place from the 16th to 18th of February 2007, when he rented a car at Avis in Stockholm. He returned the car on Feb. 18 at 16 hours and had driven 94 miles on the clock.
The same day he received compensation for a journey between Oskarshamn and Stockholm, a trip that should have started at the 15 hours. (…?)

The only way that the information would have been correct is if Juholt would have managed to get from Stockholm to Oskarshamn, a distance of over 30 mile, in an hour.

The second episode is said to have taken place in March 22, 2007, when he rented a car in Stockholm and drove to Oskarshamn, where the car was returned a day later. But on March 22, he went also to Oskarshamn in his own car, according to travel expense claim reports, and got mileage remittance for Skr832.

“If you charge for both the rental car cost and for mileage is the breach of trust. The whole thing has already been paid once,” says car expert Ronny Svensson at Expressen.

"Hakan Juholt would not comment on it this evening," wrote Social Democrat’s leader's press secretary Sophie Rudh in a text message to Expressen on Wednesday night.
One reason for the no comment is that Sofie Rudh, by 11 o'clock on Thursday, has not yet been able to talk with Hakan Juholt on the issue according to Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter.

She does not know if and when he can give a comment, according to reports. During the morning, Juholt’s double travel expenses are said to be expected to end up on the police desk. The paper, Aftonbladet says that two people have reported the leader to the police for breach of trust.
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