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Sweden will provide "significant amount" to euro – crisis fund

Wednesday, 07 December 2011
The Swedish Government has proposed that Sweden will put up with what it called "significant amount" to the International Monetary Fund, IMF, so that the fund can help troubled euro zone countries.


The Swedish Prime,  Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, said today as he move to met with the Swedish parliamentary EU Affairs for the EU summit in Brussels on Friday. Then it is expected that various decisions would be made on solutions to the euro crisis.

The fact that Sweden is outside the euro currency area does not means that it cannot help troubled euro countries, justifies the Prime Minister who also argued that that if the euro crisis spread because a solution could not be found or that Sweden could not support a solution then it will have serious consequences to the Swedish economy.
On of the consequences would be that jobs may be lost in Sweden.

“70 per cent of our exports go to Europe and a Europe in crisis means a loss in demand  and thus jobs and prosperity will  disappear and deteriorate in Sweden,” says the Prime Minister.

“We must be part of the solution but we must be with loans with commercial terms that are strict and ensuring that countries with problems also are doing better.”

Mr. Reinfeldt said Friday's meeting is the "biggest and most serious" summit he was to be part of and that the euro is at stake. He was wide support for the proposal that Sweden will contribute to "significant amount" to the IMF to help troubled euro area countries.

“However, Sweden would not sign the Treaty amendments proposed by Germany and France,” said Reinfeldt.
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