Sweden will not provide any type of financial support for train opeartor DSBFirst.


Saturday, 18 June 2011
Sweden has not thought conceiving any plans what so ever to support troubled rail operator DSBFirst in a form of an economic rescue package.

DSB which is part owns DSB First is claimed by Danish media to have sold itself too cheaply and lost large sums to run trains in Sweden. After making intense looses and at the brink of virtual collapse, the company now want that the Swedish authorities cough out some rescue solution for them. It could come in the form of Swedish pumping for money into the operation of the company especially on the Swedish side.

That sounds like pour water on a duck’s the Swedish transport companies that are customers of DSB First, just stay quiet meaning that they do not intend to pay.
“We have an agreement,” says Mats Persson, president of Region Sk´┐Żne's traffic boards which regulates the oeptration of DSB First in southern Sweden.


“The Agreement is to be followed - and we can not change the rules of the game while running the contract,” he told Swedish television.

DSB First's economic crash and bleeding will not stop - concludes a Danish audit report, released yesterday - unless the Swedes come to the Dkr460 million, the company will go down.
It made DSB to issue a press release where it said that DSB count that the Swedes could support the project and pump in some money.

But the Swedish politician Mats Persson told Swedish Radio that it is up to the DSB to handle their economic situation. That Sweden, based on the agreement with the company requires that the economy deliver the services in which it was granted permit for.

“Alternatively, the DSB First should go bankrupt - and then train lines would go up for tender again, where all train companies can offer - and where the best company will win,” says Mats Persson.
In other words, if DSB First find it to costly to operate the train lines in Sweden, it should leave and other are out waiting to come it.
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