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Sweden relaxes the clampdown on Syria and puts business before human rights

Friday, 02 December 2011
As the EU countries try hard to hold down the Syrian regime from persistently continuously kill its own people using western advance technology, Sweden remains the only western country defying the role and continues to supply Syria with tools to use in killing its own people.

All EU countries supported the proposal to stop the supply of equipment that can be used to persecute the opposition. But Sweden wants to allow continued business with the dictatorship especially the selling of telephone equipments that can be used to monitor people and listen to their conversations according to Swedish television quoting several reliable sources.

Already last week, it was reveal that Swedish telecom god, Ericsson to provide the Syria dictator with technology that makes it possible to follow everything that the opposition did via mobile phones.

Now Swedish television could also reveal that that Sweden's trade with the dictatorship hit a new record recently.

Yesterday EU foreign ministers met in Brussels to agree to impose new sanctions on Syria including the stop of selling some monitoring equipment. But sanctions could have been much more powerful if it were not for one of the member countries, namely Sweden.


The regime in Syria is fighting against democracy activists by all means. They shoot with guns and they use surveillance equipment to find and arrest dissidents. Thousand are detained and many have been killed according to the BBC news program News night yesterday.
An ability to monitor is built into the mobile telephone system which Swedish Ericsson has been building up in the country.
Because of the regime's way of hunting down opponents, there was a proposal in this week's meeting of foreign ministers to prohibit deliveries to the Syrian regime’s telephone company.

The aim is to prevent the development and maintenance of the system that the regime can take advantage of in their hunt for dissidents.

The proposal was met with unusually broad coalition. All EU countries supported the proposal. All but one - Sweden made it clear that it would not accept that kind of sanctions.

Thus, the proposal also fell, as each country has a veto in the EU's foreign affairs. According to sources which spoke to Swedish television, Sweden's decision has caused much concern in the EU. Other diplomats are not so surprised. They call it "the Ericsson factor".

This how hypocrisy rules in Sweden – giving the impression that they support freedoms, freedom of speech and freedom to protest - but colluding with dangerous governments just for the sake of making money out of the blood of the oppressed. That is Sweden !

Swedish Ericsson is supplying the Syrian regime with technology that allows tracking dissidents in the country.

Swedish trade to the dictatorship thriving. For each month that the uprising has been going on Swedish export earnings from Syria has increased. So far this year, Sweden has sold goods to Syria for more than Skr1 billion.
This is an increase of over 20 percent over the same period last year. More than half of Swedish exports to Syria consist of telecom products.

Swedish Ericsson still has offices in Damascus and continue to do business in Syria  and insist that it complies with laws and regulations and has no plans to close the office.
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