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Sweden is very far from joining the EMU – the view of the Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt

Monday, 24 October 2011
Public opinion for the EMU, the Euro is not good at the moment and many people are even seeing the European project as a white elephant that will finally give way one day.

Even the Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, feels that the view that Sweden could one day join the Euro single currency is too far away. Such views were expressed on Monday that Sweden is "very far from joining the EMU” according to reports from Bloomberg news.


Furthermore, the PM stated that it is a mistake to think that there will be a change in the EU Treaty to resolve the debt crisis.
"To make an amendment to the Treaty takes a long time, it is very uncertain to me what we would gain from it and we could certainly lead to a risk of political unrest in many countries, "he said.

Furthermore, said the prime minister that Europe needs to strengthen its competitiveness, citing Ireland as an example of a successful turnaround.

Already Finland is leading the scepticism in keeping the Euro while other countries such as the UK are rumbling about holding a referendum of withdrawing form the EU all together.

In the UK though all leading political party leaders are vehemently against holding any referendum abut British public opinion is forcing some MPs to rebel against their own party stance against a referendum.
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