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Sweden democrats continue to see mass exodus from the party

Saturday, 01 October 2011
One in four people who selected Sweden Democrat as their party of choice in various Swedish municipalities have withdrawn from the party since the election. Several party members have also been excluded.

The figures are clearly shown on the Swedish Election Authority analysis which was presented on Swedish television yesterday.

Sweden Democrats stand out properly in terms of how many elected officials have defected after the election last year. One in four Sweden Democrats politician elected in the municipalities has stopped working for the party. The corresponding figure for the other major parties is one of twenty.


Even in the case of county politics, the figures are less clear. There is about every six Sweden Democrats who chose to leave their political mandate.

There are also a number of Sweden Democrats who have chosen to leave the party voluntarily but who nevertheless chose to retain their seats in the elected assemblies. William Petzäll is one such example. He has not formally been expelled from the party, but is still there and signs for compensation.

In addition to those who voluntarily left the party, the party leadership has also decided to exclude 16 members from the party. They are excluded on the grounds that their actions have damaged the party's reputation. The corresponding figure for the Centre Party, Liberal Party and the Green Party is zero and the Left Party has ruled out a person.

One of the Sweden Democrats member dismissed on this ground is a guy called Sven-Erik Eriksson in Tomelilla. He stands for relaxed immigration policy, something which the party leadership, as it is properly know, think it’s totally wrong.

Another case, Leif Vogel of Knivsta, sent email to a number of newspapers in which he complained about immigrants and housing problems.
Relating to the immigrants, he said that "They do not just bring their illiteracy to Sweden. But they throughout, lack culture and knowledge, but carry with them bedbugs, lice and cockroaches, "said Vogel.
The party leader, Jimmie Åkesson, would not want to answer questions from the press but would refer queries to  party secretary Björn Söder.
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