Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia has some of the most expensive prices for clothes and energy but Switzerland is super expensive


Thursday, 30 June 2011
Clothing prices in Sweden are the highest in the EU. Swedish consumers must also pay the most per kilowatt hour for electricity when prices on some basics are compared across various countries and Sweden.

A recent comparison of consumer prices from the EU's statistical office, Eurostat is that body which carried out the comparison.


According to the data, Swedish prices are 20 percent higher than the EU average, and with that Sweden would be in fourth place in the ranking. By far on the top is Denmark, where consumer prices are 43 percent higher than average. Finland and Luxembourg are far behind, with rates that are slightly higher than the Swedish.

Eurostat survey shows that Swedish consumers have to pay 40 percent more on alcohol and tobacco than the EU average, 38 percent more on hotels and restaurants, 26 percent more for clothes, 16 percent more for food and 15 percent more for electricity. The only thing that is slightly cheaper than the EU average is furniture and cars.

In Denmark it is mainly the high prices of food, in restaurants and hotels, and cars that give the clear top placement.
The lowest consumer prices in the EU are in Bulgaria, where they are more than half as low as the EU average.
But when Eurostat compares with the rest of Europe, two countries that hit Denmark and who have more expensive clothes and electricity than Sweden are Switzerland and Norway.

In Switzerland the consumer prices is 48 percent higher than average prices in the EU, and Norway following closely by 47 percent.

In neighbouring Norway, it is mainly alcohol and tobacco prices, which stand out. They are more than twice the EU average. But it is also expensive to stay in hotels and eat in restaurants - 78 percent higher prices than in the EU.

The Swiss consumer prices are high in all areas, which give the ranking of Europe's most expensive country.
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