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Sweden and Scandinavian countries lead global creativity Index 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012
Sweden tops the list of countries that are classed to be most creative in the world, flowed by the other Scandinavian countries that also crowd the top position. This has come from a survey carried out by The Martin Prosperity Institute according to reports in various Swedish media sources.

The Institute has created a so-called global creativity index and compared 82 different countries, which measures the potential countries to create a lasting prosperity based on several variables, particularly technology, talent and tolerance.
The list is dominated by developed countries, especially Scandinavia. And foremost on the list was then Sweden, followed by the USA, Finland and Denmark. Finland took first place when the tolerance is concerned. Even in the measurement of 2004, Sweden was classed on the first place.
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    List in 2011 most creative countries
    1 Sweden
    2 USA
    3 Finland
    4 Denmark
    5 Australia
    6 New Zealand
    7 Canada
    8 Norway
    9 Singapore
    10 Netherlands
    11 Belgium
    12 Ireland
    13 UK
    14 Switzerland
    15 France
    16 Germany