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Sweden a country with no opposition leader as Reinfeldt stand unchallenged in various leadership contests

Saturday, 22 October 2011
Fredrik Reinfeldt will lead to 68 to 15 confidence support over Social Democrat leader, Hakan Juholt in term of leadership confidence among the Swedish people.

This comes after a previous leadership test recently shows an increased from 39 to 53 percentage points, according to a new survey conduced by polling organisation Sifo.

Fredrik Reinfeldt has continued to be popular among the Swedish people since he became Prime Minister. At its peak earlier, he had the advantage of 45 percentage points against Mona Sahlin, the former leader of the Social Democrats.

One strong point of the Prime minister is that he knows how to bring out the weak point of the opposition because they lack a strong leader who can properly challenge his views.

The survey conducted between 17 and 20 October, when Hakan Juholt had been recently cleared of criminal charges by prosecutors relating to his housing benefit double clam just went on to sink more hole into the unpopular opposition leader.

Juhold has never been popular among Swedish voters even the ardent supporters of the Social Democrats or the members of the Red Green coalition.
The question that was asked was “Who do you trust most as prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, or Hakan Juholt?”
1000 people answered the phone and most of them said Fredrik Reinfeldt was most trusted


There is a reduction in ideological differences between the blocks in the question and what is of most importance to the voter is the confidence in the Prime Ministerial candidates. Juholt now has a very low personal confidence among the voters and acts as a drag for the Social Democrats.  Reinfeldt on the other hand is the vice versa - an election winner for the Conservatives, according to Westanders of Patrick Westander research.

Fredrik Reinfeldt leads in all age groups regardless of employment, union membership, and place of residence or level of education.

27 percent of the Social Democrats' own constituents feel the greatest confidence in Reinfeldt, while 47 percent ranked Juholt up.
The latest survey does not indicate a massive change according to Peter Esaiasson, professor of political science at the University of Gothenburg.

“Reinfeldt is a trustworthy politician. Juholt is not around a near match to him in confidence as Prime Minister but he was not even before the crisis,” says Esaiasson.

Juholt is not the person to win an election for the Social Democrats, so should the Social Democrats win anything, it would be that people go to the polls on a policy that voters are attracted to, according to Esaiasson. But the question of leadership in any strong political party is extremely vital and in the socialist, there is not body at the moment. Hoe they are expecting to win an election remains a mystery.

In related development, in the party conference held on Saturday in Örebro, Reinfeldt, spend more time there talking about jobs and the problems of exclusion in the Swedish job market. This dominated his speech at the meeting after being re-elected party leader with expanded confidence from the whole of Swedish people.

He criticized the then opposition leader on several points, saying that during Göran Persson's time as prime minister; he concealed the real unemployment numbers of Swedish people including that 140 people went to early retirement every day for over ten years.

“…we needed to do something about the problem,” said Reinfeldt, relating to his difficulties in solving the stubbornly high Swedish high unemployment rates. But despite the hard economic situation, he acknowledged that Swedish unemployment was coming down. Much of the rest of his speech was all about flashbacks of what Conservatives have achieved since the Alliance came to power.

The speech expanded from Swedish financial security to the quest for full employment. Knowing that there is no more opposition in the country he is confident that all of Sweden will take his speech on board and will give him another mandate soon.
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