Sweden Democrats party not happy that Prime Minister Reinfeldt is under estimating its influence. Now Wants to frustrate the PM


Sunday, 10 July 2011
Swedish far right party, Sweden Democrats party leader, Jimmie �kesson which is a force in the Swedish parliament is not happy with the Prime Minister for the PM is not taking the far right party seriously. For that reason, Jimmie �kesson is determined to frustrate the PM.

At a press conference before his speech on Sunday at the Swedish political holiday retreat in Visby, where apolitical parties come to sell their ideas to the public in an open playing field,  Akesson says that Reinfeldt is running the country irresponsibly and by ignoring in talk with them(the far rights) about income tax policies, they are determined to frustrate the governing party.


The government has made it clear that they are interested in working with the far rights. Therefore, they have been reluctance in seeking the support of the Sweden Democrats especially in a review of income taxes where the government is determined to cut taxes and increase tax credits for workers.

Akesson thinks it would be irresponsible of Reinfeldt to present the proposal for income tax cuts despite the fact that there is low majority support for it in parliament. This is because the biggest opposition party, the Social Democrats are also against the tax cuts.
“He has not really understood that he can not run over the last Parliament now as before,” said the far right leader. “This is not a responsible way to govern. Now he has the summer in which to reflect.”

Akesson says it has nothing against tax cuts on principle, but believes that there are more important things to prioritize. The far right party leader holds that there are differences in taxes between those working and those on pension. Therefore he thinks that the government should negotiate with them, Sweden Democrats.

The opposition can stop the new income tax cuts proposal even after the budget has been adopted. A proposal can be submitted in parliament to withdraw the tax cut. They require, however, that the Red-Green coalition as well as the Sweden Democrats to vote together. This will form a majority.

Reinfeldt believes that it would irresponsible for anybody to circumvent budget rules, which provide that the minority government is well placed to push through their budget. He has warned that it would damage confidence in Sweden's public finances for a long time.

Akesson thinks that Reinfeldt is using tricks with the budget rules to create panic for stopping a proposal in the budget that has no majority support in parliament.
“It's not a nice way. It is not because we have budgetary rules. He was abusing them,” said Akesson.

Jimmie Akesson seems to have confidence that he could get the amount of support he need from the other opposition parties. Since the change of leader in the social democrats party, he has seen some difference in the way the Sweden Democrats is now being treated with some respect.
Jimmie Akesson declared that he HAS noticed some relaxation of hostility from the the other parties towards Sweden Democrats in parliament. He believes that the tone of the Social Democrats' new leader Hakan Juholt is different than that of former leader Mona Sahlin.

“Juholt has not made it a profile issue to dislike Sweden Democrats,” said Akesson.
Party secretary and Sweden Democrat’s leader in parliament, Bj�rn S�der, says that the other parties are now in talks with Sweden Democrat in committees and they are keen to find out what the far rights thinks on various issues.

Other policy issues which the far rights will want to push through includes tougher crime sentences to go along their tough immigration policy.
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