Stateless people should be granted path to Danish Citizenship even if they pose a national security danger


Thursday, 23 June 2011
Danish Integration Minister Soeren Pind has asked the parliamentary parties to consider the rights of stateless people to access Danish citizenship.

Speaking at a news conference on Thursday afternoon, he said that “in the light of a specific case, the fact is that we have a dilemma. It is that the Convention on Stateless people suggests that even people who are a danger to (Danish) national security should also be entitled to citizenship.

This comes after the Danes debate a law which sees the expulsion of criminals of foreign statue living in the country and who commit a crime. The Danish parliament has the power to determine who gets Danish citizenship.

At the press conference the integrations minister said that he’ll call on the parliament’s first meeting after the summer recess, where he’ll ask the body to consider a bill to address the problem.

S�ren Pind has asked the parliamentary parties to report back to him by Friday next week with their views about the suggestion.


The case of the stateless Palestinians who were determined to have been poorly treated by the past integration ministry continues to hunt the Danish Left party which is in charge of integration issues in the current government. When it emerged that the Ministry of Integration in the past years broke two UN conventions on stateless persons’ rights, it created commotion in the government and the Danish Left Party.

This occurred even though the authorities knew about the conventions that give young stateless persons the right to Danish citizenship at particularly favourable terms.

The revelations led the then integration minister, Birthe Ronn Hornbech to resign last March. The stateless got their permits and Integration Minister Birthe Ronn Hornbech admitted afterwards that she personally heard about the problems already in autumn 2008. But not until January 2010 did she informed parliament.

Some 400-500 stateless people were later sent a letter stating that they could apply for citizenship in Denmark.
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