pain not happy with Swedish food retailer for maintaining wrong information about Spanish vegetables


Saturday, 18 June 2011
Spanish Embassy in Stockholm reacted strongly against the Swedish food giant ICA which failed to remove the warning that Spanish cucumbers where dangerous at the wake to the EHEC infection which was thought to have been started from the injection of Spanish cucumbers.
After it was clear that it was not the Spanish vegetable that started the illness, ICA has failed to remove the warning from its website, which means that consumers who visit the site would still consider the Spanish product dangerous.

Miriam Alvarez who is Counsellor at the Spanish Embassy in Sweden, through her secretary Anna Rodriguez said that she  trust that the ICA will inform themselves a little better about the situation and do the right thing buy not misinforming consumers which rely of the food seller to provide proper information about the products they sell

On its website, Ica maintained that it is the Spanish cucumbers that spread the disease, based on a press release that came out on the 27 May but has not been replaced by any new information even though the German authorities have long written off the cucumbers from Spain as the source of the severe variant of EHEC that have kills several people around the world.
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