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Sole searching in the Social Democrats party as the leader, Juholt is put on the hot seat

Thursday, 19 January 2012
Sweden’s biggest political party, the Social Democrats party is in serious crisis. Post election support for the party has plummeted concurrently for several months with the party leadership not seen as strong enough to galvanise the party support.

It now looks like the party’s biggest problem is leadership for the current one. Hakan Juholt had from the start of his tern as leader been docked in one controversial issue after another.

On Thursday, Hakan Juholt is to be put in the hot seat and his record be examined by of party comrades. For two days, the Social Democratic party leadership will discuss the party historically deep crisis. "Our job is to get a party that is strong again," said Social Democrats MP Sven-Erik Österberg.

At lunchtime on Thursday members of the Social Democratic Executive Committee (Executive Committee) will be arriving at the party’s headquarters in Sveavägen in Stockholm.

Given the serious nature of the meeting, the party decided to move the meeting to secret venue. But when the news venue, was leaked the plan was shelved.


Without a doubt, the meeting is one of the most important in the party’s history.
“Party members are expecting us to get a party that is working again” says Sven-Erik Österberg, alternate member of the Executive Committee will participate in the marathon meeting.

The Social Democrats' poll numbers are historically low and the party leader Håkan Juholt is seen as the person leading the drop in the poll numbers. His leadership is there hugely strongly questioned internally. Yesterday Ake Svensson from the Regional Council of Gotland and member of the party’s executive, described Hakan Juholt as a burden.

Particularly weak is Hakan Juholt position within the trade union movement. Trade Union LO's Chairman, Wanja Lundby-Wedin's initiative will be to question Hakan Juholt about what happened when major investments in the UIF suddenly disappeared from the party forest budget.

The economic policy spokesman Tommy Waidelich has claimed responsibility, but media reports and sources within the party are claiming that it was Hakan Juholt himself who ordered the reduction.

According to sources in the Social Democrats, Håkan Juholt’s position has weakened sharply after the gaffes in the hall, where he wrongly accused the government of having made up an alliance with the far rights, Sweden Democrats.

Hakan Juholt himself has no plans to step aside. He says he feels he has a strong support and that he is aiming to be re-elected at the congress in 2013
“I think it is I who will lead the Social Democrats in the election in 2014, but ultimately it rests with the party members.
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