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Social Democrats decide to keep their man Juholt as head

Friday, 20 January 2012
Hakan Juholt, the only man in recent memory that can withstand all types of pressure was determined to remain in his position as head of the Swedish Social Democrat party.

Despite rebellion from various factions of the party, the central committee decided in Friday after an intense closed door meeting to keep their man.
“We've expressed that we have continued confidence in Hakan. He will continue to work on as party chairman, "said party secretary Carin Jämtin.

After two full - day session in which the Executive Committee gathered in meeting to see how to revamp the abysmal fall the party has been taking of late, it was determined that the head, Håkan Juhold was the cause. Then in the meeting it was held that there was still significant support for him as such press conference to talk about possible changes was called up. But it only party secretary Carin Jämtin met the media.

"We've expressed that we have continued confidence in Hakan. He will continue to work on as party chairman, "said Carin Jämtin.


But the situation is difficult, she admits.
"We are going through the deepest crisis in our Party's history. We have discussed our party's position, which also affects the overall situation in Sweden. We have had long discussions about politics but also about leadership. The discussions we should take on, "she said.

It remains to see what will happen to the government parties and the members of the Red-Green coalition in the opposition. The Greens had shown some resentment recently to the socialists as support for the leader of the social democrats was falling like a piece of rock dropped in a pool.

The government parties on their part had been happy that the crisis in the Social democrats was good enough to give them the ammunition to carry out some policies such as selling of public assets and leaving school ownership loose to anyone. The social democrats were so weak that non one in the party could even lift a finger

But Juhold showed on Thursday that he was a heavy hitter by attacking the government on some of their record in the privatisation of social services and taking Sweden through the back door into the Euro pact. “Who gave the government the mandate to sell the schools and hospitals” Jahold asked yesterday in the parliamentary leader question. The leader of the opposition might buy his way back by challenging the government responsibly in policies that might not work well for all.
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