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Social Democrat leader, Juholt to finally pay Skr160 000

Friday, 07 October 2011
The Swedish Social Democratic party leader, Hakan Juholt is in hot waters now in Sweden. He has made claim for housing benefits that did not reflect some of the person who wants to run a country that pride itself to be the most clean and sleaze free country on the face of the earth.
He will pay back about Skr160,000  to the parliamentary administration, according Swedish business  dialy, Dagens Industri's calculations.


On Friday it was revealed by the Swedish tabloid, Aftonbladet that the Social Democratic party leader,  Hakan Juholt, since 2009 had made claims for large rent subsidies for his overnight accommodation in Västertorp in southern Stockholm.

Juholt is thus said to have acted in contravention of parliamentary rules by requesting full claim for rent even though he lives with his partner and only entitled to half the compensation.
According to  Dagens Industri, Håkan Juholt received all the rent paid by the parliament since February 2007. In total, the parliament has disbursed some Skr320,000 to Juholt, according to estimates Dagens Industri made by looking at the party leader's application documents.

Hakan Juholt announced during a press briefing on Friday that "every penny" will be paid back immediately. The final bill will land at about Skr160,000.
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