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Sigh of relief as the Swedish social democrats starts showing better numbers

Sunday, 13 November 2011
The precipitous fall in opinion polls support the Swedish Social Democrats Party had shown in the last few months seem to be halting according to a look at the latest opinion polls.


The party still has a historically low numbers but the acute collapse seems halting. According to the latest poll conducted by polling organisation, Sifo in November, the Social Democrat party moved forward by 1.9 percentage points to 27.4 percent since the last opinion poll was conducted on 23 October.

The Conservatives lost two points with the government parties still leads the opposition by 6.1 percentage points - 49.3 to 43.2.
Centre party wit its new leader Annie Loof, increased by 1.5, a statistically significant number, and now stands at 6.7 percent.
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The result of Sifo's November measurement of change compared with measurements published Oct. 23 in parentheses.
32.8 (-2.0)
Liberal Party
6.6 (+0.6)
The Centre Party
6.7 (+1.5)
The Christian Democrats
3.2 (-0.8)
The Social Democrats
27.4 (+1.9)
The Left Party
5.8 (-0.6)
Green Party
10.0 (-0.7))
Sweden Democrats
6.7 (+0.8)
Other parties
0.8 (-0.8)
The survey, conducted October 31-November 10 interviewed 921 people who were asked the question of which party they would vote for if the election were today.
Source: Sifo

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