Shift of power in Denmark as most votes are counted leading the first lady to head the country


Thursday, 15 September 2011
Despite her own party are not landing the killer blow, Helle Thorning-Schmidt is now sure to be Denmark's first female prime minister as the country’s politics move to the centre.

After 98 percent of the votes had been declared, the policy analysts have now determined that Denmark polls have been shifted to the socialist bloc which has captured 89 seats in the 179-strong parliament.


Therefore the red bloc was on 89 seats against 86 for the blue block. Already when the first exit polls were published five hours before polls closed, the red block was determined to be the winner.

The exit polls got the red block 90 seats against 85 for the blue. During the evening's counting that levelled out the difference and for a while, it was only a mandate of difference between the blocs, but in the end the seat will stabilize at 89 - 86. Add to these four seats from Greenland and the Faroe Islands, but they usually never influence the national response since the voters there traditionally votes for local parties.

The other parties other than the Social Democrats in the red bloc are doing better that the biggest party, Social Democrats.
“The Social Democrats are doing their worst in election in 108 years,” says Richard L��f, Swedish television envoy in Copenhagen.
More detains will surely follow after proper analysis and results.
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