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Crisis in the Swedish Social Democrat Party – the search for Juholt successor more difficult than thought

Sunday, 22 January 2012
The demise of Juhold and the inability of the Social Democrats to point a figure to a possible successor show that the Social Democrats and Sweden as a whole is running out of future leaders and managers.

Before Hakan Juholt became the head of the Social Democrats Party, some of their top stars such as Thomas Bodström and Margot Wallström backed off and some of them even left the country fully. Other possible bright looking figures also shied away from the call to serve their party. Therefore the position remains wide open and Juholt took it. Now Juholt turned out not to be the right choice for the party’s head thus resigning yesterday, throwing the party more into uncertainty.

‘Who will be the next leader of the Social Democrats Party? We want some that can win an election! Is there some one out there?’ This is what the party’s big guns are shouting around for?


According to Swedish media sources, there is no clear candidate willing to take the job. Currently, the 47-year-old party secretary Carin Jämtin could lead the party. But radio Sweden reported that she has no interest in the chair of the party. Nor is there anyone else who has explicitly expressed interest in the job. The person who was speculated most about is the former finance minister, Per Nuder, 48. But he has clearly said that he is not interested.

The 40-year Mikael Damberg is tipped high by both the Swedish Radio and the Dagens Nyeheter newspaper, but he is seen as problematic because of his right wing directions.

Also, the 39-year-old MP, Veronica Palm, is a possible candidate. Margot Wallström who works as a UN special representative, would, according to Dagens Nyeheter entre the race if she said yes but she has repeatedly turned down the position.

The former Minister of Justice, Thomas Bodström, is another popular candidate. However, he has distanced itself from politics. The experienced Leif Pagrotsky, is seen as a unifying force in the party, but has his age spoken against him. Also Sven-Erik Österberberg seen as a unifying candidate, but the one who vocally and loudly demanded Juholt departure is also seen as a possible one.

So who will lead the Social Democrat Party tomorrow remains extremely obscure. This is power and it is surprising that there are not many Swedish people out there who love to take power.
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