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Scotland admiring the Nordic model and wants to shift more towards them

Tuesday, 03 January 2012
The leading party in Scotland wants an independent Scotland to work closer more with the Nordic countries more than with Britain.

The Scottish National Party, SNP, has a majority in the Scottish Parliament and is planning a referendum on independence to be held somewhat in 2014 or 2015. SNP has drawn up a preliminary plan for an independent Scotland as the party hopes will convince voters to vote for independence, reports newspaper The Independent.


Under the plan, Scotland will seek to build closer partnerships with the Nordic countries and in Eastern Europe, in contrast to London, which focuses on Western Europe and the Commonwealth.
An independent Scotland will according to the SNP plan will continue to have very close ties to the rest of Britain, but the party believes that Scotland has more in common with their neighbours in the North. SNP leader, Alex Salmond  has made several trips in Scandinavia in recent years to create contacts with politicians and officials, said the Independent.

If the Scots vote yes to independence, it would mean that Scotland is automatically released from the UK. Parliament in London claims to be having absolute sovereignty over Scotland, which Scottish nationalists are questioning.
With the SNP growing stronger, it looks like the Scots are likely going to be part of Scandinavia. More from the Independent hereā€¦.
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