Scotland Yard is examining relationship between Breivik and the English Contacts


Monday, 25 July 2011
After Anders Behring Breivik had described that he had contacts with the British extreme right group, the English Defence League, the Scotland Yard is examining his links with London, and if he is part of a larger network.

Anders Behring Breivik wrote in his manifesto which he published on the internet, that a lot of questions relating to race relations had some closeness with London. The manifesto of 1500 pages is dated "London 2011". Breivik said that he was recruited at a meeting in London in 2002 by two British extremists.

At the meeting, eight people had participated, and Breivik mentions as his mentor, a Briton, whom he called Richard. Breivik writes that he had contacts with the British far-rights organization the English Denfense League (EDL).


But EDL had earlier rejected and renounced his deeds, and claims that there have never been any official contacts between them and Breivik.

Suspicions that Breivik started developing his deadly plans after the London meeting, would also call the British authorities to take a look at his activities.

Several British newspapers have high pitched articles on how Breivik in the manifesto describes himself as a sort of modern-day crusaders against Islam, and how he singled out Tony Blair, Prince Charles and Gordon Brown as traitors as he wanted to punish them with death for their tolerant attitude towards Muslims. He also indicates the possible British terrorist targets, such as oil rigs in the North Sea.

After the British terrorist hunt had focused on Islamic fundamentalists, there is now realisation that that the British experts and the British far right observing authorities have not followed them closely enough.

According to the Daily Telegraph was one of the largest weapons caches discovered in Britain in recent years with a right-wing extremist in Yorkshire. But Foreign Secretary William Hague told the BBC that terrorism is related to Al Qaeda is a greater threat to Britain.
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