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Urban migration very high in Sweden and Denmark

Sunday, 08 April 2012
Sweden and Denmark are the EU countries where Rural - Urban migration (urbanization) is the fastest.

According to the European statistics agency, Eurostat, Urban population increased in Sweden's in Sweden (+17.3 per 1000 inhabitants), Denmark (+15.0‰), and Finland (+10.0‰) most among the EU countries. 

For Sweden, its growth is more than three times faster than the EU average, writes Swedish daily, Sydsvenskan.

MalmŲ, UmeŚ and Stockholm are some of Europe's most rapidly growing cities and have grown by more than one percent per year since 1994.

Compared to Malmo, the growth rates increased more just in Utrecht in the Netherlands, Nicosia, Cyprus, Braga in Portugal, Oulu, Finland, and in some fast-growing Spanish cities.

Overall, Sweden has been the European country which since 2005 had by far the largest growth in the major cities while the recession slowed urbanization in countries such as Ireland, Spain and Greece.

Today there are twelve cities in Sweden with more than 100,000 inhabitants.
Urbanization has been slower in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK than in Sweden.
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