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Swedes prefer to fly from Denmark

Wednesday, 14 March 2012
Southern Swedish travellers prefer to use the Danish international airport at Copenhagen to travel abroad more than using their own local airport at Malmo Sturup.

This is something that the Danish authorities have noticed and the Danish newspaper Politiken has taken on today. A lot of Swedes rather travel from Copenhagen than from Malmo Sturup. But this is not confined only to people living around Malmö, a large contingent from Stockholm and Gothenburg have been found for travelling abroad via the Danish airport the paper writes.

In two years the number of Swedes who travel from Copenhagen Airport has increased to 17 percent from 12 percent. This corresponds to 4.5 million passengers annually according to the Danish newspaper, Politiken.

More shops and good transport links are some of the explanations for the Swedes' craze with Danish airport. One can take a train from Gothenburg and with tow hours the person is already at the Copenhagen airport or one can pay a visit to Denmark and does impressive shopping then take a flight a few hours later or the following day.

Carsten Norland is sales and marketing at Copenhagen Kastrup airport and speaks of an airport for two countries.
"If you ask southern Swedes if they believe that Copenhagen Airport is their answer, they’ll say “Yes”. They believe that it is the main airport when going on a trip, "said Carsten Noland to the newspaper, adding that the city tunnel from Malmo has shortened the route further to Kastrup.

But it's not just people in Skåne who like Copenhagen. According to figures from the airport, half of all Swedish passengers from Skåne pass there. But 15 percent is from Stockholm.
"Copenhagen is great, but functions primarily as a domestic airport. We have 150 routes from Copenhagen, so instead of flying from Stockholm as they fly down here, "said Carsten Nolan to the newspaper.
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