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Sweden leads the world in IT usage

Thursday, 05 April 2012
Today came the report from the World Economic Forum ranking world's leading IT countries. The ranking reveal what has been the perception – that Sweden maintains its position as the world's leading IT nation, far ahead of both Japan and the United States.

The reports examined 142 countries worldwide, and look at both technical knowledge of IT within the population and within companies, as well as on how well the whole society is IT-enabled and ready for "the connected future."

Communities that are at the forefront of IT innovation and a good electronic infrastructure are ranked highest.

And Sweden leads the Nordic countries to lead to number 1 in the world, for the third consecutive year. But the other Nordic other Nordic countries have also performed well. Finland is in third place, as well as Norway and Denmark are in this year’s top of the 142 countries.
Countries that lead in IT use and ownership

1.    Sweden
2.    Singapore
3.    Finland
4.    Denmark
5.    Switzerland
6.    Holland
7.    Norway
8.    U.S.
9.    Canada
10.   UK

The Swedish authorities attribute the lead to that 9 out of 10 Swedes use the Internet every day, it is an important explanation for the Swedish success story, according to IT Minister Anna-Karin Hatt.

Kristina Höök, IT professor at Stockholm University, believes that the success of Sweden as an IT nation can be traced back to 1998 when Sweden introduced home-pc-reform, where the Swedes were able to buy their own computer partially tax-subsidized by their employer.

“I think that kind of early intervention played a major role in the generation of Swedes with the ICT skills coming from naturally growing up.”

However the report of the World Economic Forum also points out shortcomings, even from IT leaders, Sweden.
“We need to take to heart the criticism contained in the report in order to maintain our position. Improving the use of IT in schools is crucial, I think,” says IT Minister Anna-Karin Hatt to Sweden television.

Sweden has contributed to the world evolution of IT related platforms such as their development of things like the music services Spotify, telephony services such as Skype, others such as Kazaa and Pirate Bay among others. But even the Swedish games industry is known to be a world leader all rooted in IT development and "Playful design necessary for IT success," says Kristina Höök

The challenge now for Sweden now is to maintain that lead.  Many specialist believe that Sweden may have difficulty maintaining world leadership in the tough international IT competition.
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