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Explosion-threatening plateform where there is continued gas leak

Wednesday, 28 March 2012
A race against time and the weather is taking place in the North Sea, where the gas platform "Elgin" may explode.
Attempts to seal the leak is taking place in the shadows of the oil company BP's platform disaster in the Gulf of Mexico two years ago.

On Wednesday, the fire flame on the top of the drilling platform is still burning but  experts warn of a scenario where the gas is bubbling up around the platform and could ignited by the fire at the top.

The fire serves to burn the excess gas. The experts are surprised by the continued burning for several days after the platform has been evacuated. This may have to do with the weather and the wind direction.

David Hainsworth, security manager at Total, the French oil company who’s  platform is in the centre of the incident, says that the winds is currently blowing away the gas from the flame.
“We are looking into the possibility of extinguishing the flame,” says Hainsworth. But all work on the platform is extremely risky. A sudden gust of wind can always get the gas cloud to grow and transform the platform into a burning inferno.

Around the "Elgin" zones  a no go zone has been established as we reported last night.
Shipping has been ordered by the Coast Guard to keep a safe distance from the platform at least 3200 meters. Air transport at the safety distance, 5,000 feet is advised.
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