The juggle for popularity in Swedish politics - Reinfeldt more popular than Juholt


Sunday, 15 May 2011
Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, also leader of the Moderate party is considered skilled government leader than new Social Democrats leader, Hakan Juholt. The new Social Democrats leader is ranked lower than the Prime minister but, however, higher than the former Social Democrats leader Mona Sahlin.

This comes from a survey conducted by the polling company, Skop which asked 1000 Swedes who they thought could be a better skilled leader of a Swedish a government. 73 percent supported  Reinfeldt and only 27 percent dliked Juholt.


But the prime minister has lost some amount of popularity since the previous poll. When the same question was asked in March, 77 percent said Reinfeldt was skilfully while 23 percent said Hakan Juholt, who had just been nominated for the post of party leader by the Social Democrats' election committee.

Juholt has on two occasions pooled ranked higher than the Mona Sahlin did at his last test in February. At that time only 17.2 percent went for Sahlin as a credible of a Swedish government.

Skop has also asked the question as whom among the two leaders was the nicest and at that point, it is almost a dead heat between the two current party leaders. 50.5 percent believe that Reinfeldt is nice, compared with Hakan Juholt 49.5 percent.

Niceness, however, was not one of the qualities that voters said they liked most about the party leaders. According to another research firm, Novus, knowledge, credibility and transparency were considered important and which placed Reinfeldt far ahead of Juholt.
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