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How more youths with immigrant background should plan to spend most of their lives in permanent unemployment in Sweden.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011
Despite a record number of vacancies in Sweden as their economic recovery has started creating jobs, and despite the cried from various industrial organisations that there are skill shortages in Sweden, it turns out that there are lots of skills available to fill positions in Sweden but Swedish employers don’t like them because of their immigrant background.

This explains why latest report out today point to the growing unemployment among immigrant youth which is also described as exploded. More than one in three with immigrant background despite how long their parents have lived in Sweden has no job. Many have now been completely excluded from the labour market.

About 19 500 youths with immigrant background between the ages of 19 and 24 at this moment, in a great civilised country like Sweden which is looking all over for workers have youth who can't get a job.

The group has rapidly grown dramatically. By 2008 approximately one in five people with immigrant background was without a job, last year that number has increased to a third, according to data Statistics Sweden developed for the Swedish news agency, TT. In the past year, unemployment among young people born abroad increased by more than three percent, when among Swedish adolescents it declined by almost 10 percent.

“They are a vulnerable group with fragile educational background that find it difficult to take advantage of the economic upswing, "said Tord Strannefor, forecasting director at the Employment Service.

More than one in five youth with immigrant background are accounted as having no education qualifications and twice as many get stuck in long-term unemployment compared with the Swedish, four to two percent.
“It is serious. The risk is that they will be excluded from the labour market, "said Strannefors.


Many youth with immigrant back, some media organisation spoke to deny what the establishment points as no education. They are critical of the help they received from the Swedish employment service and feel that without a contact or connection with a real Swedish organisation, or somebody who knows somebody; there is no chance of getting a job. They accuse the Swedish system of trying to use their control of the media to spread propaganda that immigrant youth are poorly educated so as to save their own skin from their discriminatory short comings.

One unemployed youth with immigrant background, Priscilla, spoke to the Swedish news agency TT and said that employers are asking for requirements they don’t have such as many years of experience. “How can you get experience if you never get a chance?” ask Priscilla.

Clearly, employers prefer candidates in from Swedish people than those with foreign names, they don't believe in, according to Priscilla. She adds that “they want someone who has similar interests. They think we have our culture and our rules.”

A fairly large proportion of the unemployed immigrant youths are full-time students or participating in various job programs. The increase can be partly explained by the more that came to the country recently, according to the Employment Service. Also the level of education among the immigrant got worse than they did 20 years ago, which complicates their integration into the labour market.
“These days very highly qualifications are needed for most jobs. Even to work in business, one must have at least high school education, "said Susan Urban, a researcher on immigrant youth and the labour market at Link�ping University.

But many feel that they are also discriminated against because of his background.
“Sweden has great ambitions for integration. But there is limited practice of it, "said Urban.
“Employers must get accustomed to having people with different backgrounds in the workplace. Many have never had it, they hire through their own networks and then it is made up mostly of native Swedes.
By Scancomark.se  Team

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