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Tension in Denmark as the right wings and the left wings descend on the city – 82 arrested

Saturday, 31 March 2012
The Danish police have arrested nearly 90 leftist counter-demonstrators in Aarhus, reports various Danish media sources, following the descend of far-right groups from across Europe who came to hold a “unity”rally in Denmark.

The aim was to set up what they term an anti-Islamic alliance across the continent. The number of people arrested after Saturday's demonstrations in Aarhus was as high as 82 according to Danish own sources but Swedish sources put that to about 90 referring to the Danish news agency, Ritzau.

Police in Aarhus arrested 50 leftwing demonstrators in front of the venue Voxhall by a wind farm in Aarhus. The 50 demonstrators were arrested because they would not follow police orders to leave, police said. Police had to close one of the two demonstrations in Aarhus, namely Danish Defence League demonstration.
The extremists right meeting was stopped early after the counter-demonstrators started throwing stones and bottles at Danish Defence League supporters, said Danish radio.

An estimated few thousand activists were on hand when the anti demonstrators went on when the Danish Defence League's right-wing gathering began in the Rådhuspladsen (Town Hall Square), reports Danish media.

A massive police mobilization is in place and before the demonstrations stopped the Danish police stopped several buses with activists on their way to Aarhus. At 12:30 o'clock a Swedish bus with counter-demonstrators was waved into the roadside on the highway E45 south of the town. According to the paper, Ekstra Bladet “the passengers became agentive and started searching for weapons o attach the police but they were allowed to continue.

The two demonstrations were advertised to take place in Mölle Park and the Rådhuspladsen, just a few hundred feet apart.

It is now clears according to some campaigners that anti Muslim groups and racist groups in Europe are now joining force since their numbers in their respective countries are small.

According to Swedish television correspondence that was present at the rally, “They want to call it a folk festival, and the atmosphere is really good so far. Everyone is happy and there is nothing threatening in the air,” says Malin Syrstad of the manifestation organized by the Network "Aarhus for all," to Swedish television.
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