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Sweden provides major support for war victims – a question of guilt or just giving to those displaced by Swedish arms sales?

Monday, 12 December 2011
As Swedish business in arm sales growth more than most other countries, reports emerge today that Sweden will give the largest contribution to a fund that helps former child soldiers, torture victims and other victims of war crimes.

The question that comes straight to us is whether Sweden is now struggling with guilt for selling more military hardware in the world at this moment or just trying to be “good” as Sweden should be known as a great give to the needy.

They will say that they don’t sell arms to undemocratic countries – yeah?… No need to go into that side of the story at this juncture.

Swedish international aid organisation, Sida is said to be shooting in ten million to the International Criminal Court to support its activities.

Former dictators and war criminals are being prosecuted and convicted by the International Criminal Court, ICC. The court also has a special fund to help victims of crimes against humanity.

It is funded primarily by contributions from governments and organizations. Swedish development agency Sida is now a contribution of ten s of million, which will be presented at a ceremony in New York later on Monday. It is the single largest contribution to the fund, which has so far received 76 million dollars.

The money has mainly been used in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Among other things, 3,000 former child soldiers with rehabilitation, and over 10,000 men and women who are victims of sexual violence have been supported, according to reports.

How hypocritical Sweden is that it leads in the sales of arms and then turn around and support victims of war and torture. What a shame of a country and one with the strongest level of double standard as could be seen out there.

They will say that they don’t sell arms to countries that don’t have democracy. But if you sell arms to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the likes, is it not possible that these arms could be sold further to those countries? How can we be certain that Swedish arms have not been directly sold to countries of war or these countries which are being aided now?
By Scanciomark.se Team

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