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A mild winter and early spring - weather continues to send mix messages. The return of Winter today cause road havoc

Saturday, 14 April 2012
The Stockholm area, parts of Södermanland and Uppland woke up today Saturday to welcome a partially wet, but still snow covered surface. The weather causes problems for local traffic in Stockholm raising the question whether winter is returning

The wintery weather comes at a time when Swedish car owners have started changing their winter tyres to summer ones leading to cars slipping off the road. Also the unprecedented snow fall caused power outages and about 10,000 households in the Stockholm area was  without power.

Therese Fougman, meteorologist at Swedish Met office,  SMHI, is not surprised by the wintry weather.
She said that in mid-April, most things happen. There may be setbacks and there will be some snow fall.
The snowfall is reported to have caused power outages and about 10,000 households in Stockholm region are without power, according to Radio Sweden Stockholm.

Major power providers Vattenfall and Eon reported power outages in areas. Yet there are no predictions on when the problems that led to outages will be resolved.
For some Eon’s 4289 energized households in north of Stockholm some of its customers had have power back, according to a press release from the power company.

Also Fortum's customers have been affected and over 1,000 subscribers, have had no power.

Public transports in Stockholm have problems because of the weather. At several places in the county bus service has been delayed, cancelled or rescheduled because carriage ways have been affected by black ice. Some of the train and underground route have been replaced by buses because of power outages that brought the commuter train to a standstill.

People visiting Sweden are still advised to come with warm clothing as it looks as the winter is not yet over.
By Scancomark.se Team

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