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Reasons why more Swedish children are pushed into poverty – blame on governments or parents?

One clue: More Swedish families evicted from their homes despite government pledge to support parents and keep children at home not on the Swedish streets.

Wednesday, 06 July 2011
Although the current Swedish government came to power four years ago pledging to set the objective that no families would be evicted from their homes, the eviction pandemic in Sweden has continue unabated. The number of families evictions from their homes will increase and only in the first half of this year over 350 children have been thrown ion the streets on Sweden just because their parents could not cover their astronomical cost of living.

“Many of the families have been doing well economically but then something happened. Maybe they got divorced or been taken sick, and as such their income plummet. They may have had debts from before and then it escalates and they lost control,” says Christina Sehl�n to radio Sweden. She is the financial and debt counsellors in a district in the south of Stockholm which has been heavily hits by families that have become vulnerable to eviction.

She adds that as a result of the debt running out of control, the ultimate consequence is an eviction. Therefore the enforcement officer comes and says, "You must move out," something that sometimes comes as a surprise to the family.

Many of them dare not to face the truth and open a letter. Therefore all warming’s usually goes with no reaction.
In the first years after the government ruled zero vision that children should not be evicted, the number of executed evictions of children reduced. But as from last year, and so far this year, they have become more recognized, according to bailiff’s figures.


“One should be worried. These are some of the most difficult things that a child can suffer from - to see his security be in tatters in this way when evicted. It will mean a break from school and friends, and it will be very traumatic to leave their own homes,” says Ombudsman Fredrik Malmberg to radio Sweden.

He believes that municipalities hold the solution to zero eviction otherwise, the pledge made by the government would become another smoke screen.

With the right help and coordination efforts can be made such that landlords get their money from the families and that families must live.

Since the gradual erosion of the Swedish welfare system, it has caught some people off guard. Not only immigrants but poorer Swedish people who have limited skills and education to join their brothers and sisters in the main stream.
When they realised that their economy started weakening, the political bureaucracy set and core of the problem for the sake of the children are not looked into. Council bureaucrats simply look at paper works to determine whether a family is entitled to financial assistance or not in household where money has collapsed.

“I have worked with rent arrears now for about 10 years. I just determined the right to assistance on the face value just because I did not have the tools to offer them any help beyond that,” says Christina Sehl�n.

Sweden a very successful wealthy country which support lots of international charity organisations especially those that fight poverty and child poverty should also try to look at home to give the future of this country a chance by making children grow up with some confidence.
By Scancomark.se Team

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