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Large land slide in Norway

Sunday, 01 January 2012
A several hundred meter wide landslide occurred today near the city of Trondheim in Norway.

The authorities have urged all local residents to leave their homes. The landslide has destroyed including a power line. Rescuers have gone up in helicopters to get an overview.

According to the Norwegian meteorologists 30-40 percent more rain than normal have fallen in the area in December.
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Official Name Kingdom of Denmark
King Harald V
Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg
Population 4.7 Million
Capital City Oslo
Monetary Unit Norwagian Kroner (NOK)
  1 NOK = 100 ore
Domain Name .no
Int. Dialling Code +47
Official Language Norwagian
Religion Christianity
Main stock market Name Oslo B�rs
Internet Speed 4.2 Mbps (2009)
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