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The Value of the Library not only found during the age of enlightenment in Europe but also now in Denmark as more immigrants take it over.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011
The Danish libraries are popular among immigrants and descendants of immigrants.
The new figures from the Danish Integration Ministry, among other things, conclude that immigrants and their descendants often go to the library than ethnic Danes.

In various questionnaires analysed, some 72 percent of all immigrants and 83 percent of their descendants said that they have been at the library within the past year. For ethnic Danes, the figure was 65 percent, according to the paper Metro.

In Nørrebro Library, librarian Annette Sølvmose explains that they have experienced increasing visitor numbers and stable lending statistics - in contrast to most other Danish libraries.
“It's all types who come here - everybody, from small children, students, women with small children or elderly. They come not just to borrow books,” says Anette. “But also apparently to socialise and learn about the society and also to see help with homework “She adds.

They, especially among immigrants and descendants have succeeded in providing help with homework, running clubs and offer help with everything between heaven and earth. In one of the library reading, hooks, Mohammed Berrili, 21 years old, sits in his favourite chair and reads a book by the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

“It's just interesting that I read it. But I sit here too often and do my homework,” says Mohammed Berrili, adding that he will continue to use the library's many different deals when he’ll begin his history studies at Southern Danish University.
By Scancomark.se Team

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