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What generous benefits in Sweden? More are homeless as the Swedish welfare system gradually falls.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012
Today, 34,000 people in Sweden are homeless according to  data from the Swedish Board for health and welfare in a survey. This is an increase from last survey made in 2005.

The number of homeless people who sleep outdoors and in public spaces has decreased according to the Welfare service in a survey of homelessness and housing exclusion 2011. Also more people are living in emergency housing solutions.

The survey was based on data gathered from several government agencies, institutions and NGOs.
The Swedish Board for health and welfare survey showed that approximately 280 persons lacked housing and are living outdoors or in public spaces in Sweden during the weeks the survey was conducted in 2011. This is a decrease compared to 2005 when the figure was about the 950

The survey also shows that men are the majority group of homeless people, but that the proportion of women has increased.

Since 2005, over-representation of foreign-born people have become more pronounced.
Another change is that substance abuse and mental illness are not as common in the group of homeless anymore as was before. This is particularly evident among people born outside Sweden.

The Welfare authority has also identified the housing exclusion. According to the inventory, this exclusion has increased since the previous survey was carried out in 2005. Today, 34,000 people are outside the ordinary housing market, of which about 280 people have no housing at all .

Homelessness occurs in all counties and in 288 of the 290 municipalities. Most homeless people are found in the cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo. Malmö has a higher proportion of people living in apartments and make up the higher proportion of those born outside Sweden, compared to Stockholm and Gothenburg.

In 2011, 663 children were evicted from their homes. This means that the evictions of children increased by nearly 5 percent, compared to last year, according to new statistics from the bailiff.

Hans Swärd, a professor of social work at Lund University, reacts strongly to the report and said that:
“children evicted in Sweden today are totally reprehensible. Evictions has instead increased despite the government in the last homelessness strategy, made it clear that its highest goal will be that no child should be evicted. All research shows that it is very difficult for children to lack a fixed residence. That all children have a place to live must be an unconditional responsibility of a welfare democracy.”
By Scancomark.se Team

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