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"Children should not be suffering in Finland! But they are." United Nations

Tuesday, 21 June 2011
United Nation Committee on the Rights of the Child has in a recent report criticizes Finland for making custody disputes on children for being too long and for placing children in places that are not fit for their efficient development.

One core issue in the accusation is that that more and more children are placed in different institutions and that mental health services for children are inadequate and that the children are deteriorating.

This is a blow to Finland which tries to present it as one of the few places in the world where children are properly catered for.

Pia Sundell, director of Finland Childcare Association, believes that this criticism must be taken seriously. “Finland is a welfare society, where children are better off than in many other countries. But to compare Finland with poorer countries where social services are inferior does not mean that our problems will be less,” says Pia Sundell, who also explained the deficiencies to the UN Committee.

She believes that it requires drastic measures in Finland  reduce deficiencies in the welfare, which As the UN report shows, Custody disputes is affecting thousands of children, as such  agencies and families need to think much more on the children's best of the situation before anything else.

The UN calls of Finnish government to do as a matter of must to give priority to children. In addition to protracted custody disputes, Finland must also do something about it following the European standards.

Pia Sundell agrees, but points out that this is impossible if there is not enough to support from families. “Too few families are ready to take care of children, because it is so challenging. But if for the support families receive more assistance, I am convinced that they can do it.”
Even municipalities don’t take care of the kids; it's too expensive - they say.

“Since the last UN report four years ago, not much has improved regarding the status of children in Finland,” says Pia Sundell. She therefore calls for greater political accountability from the new government and wants money earmarked money for this purpose.
“I really hope that the new government will strengthen the economy of the municipalities, targeting the money where they are needed and prioritize the children.”
BY Scancomark.se Team

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