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Young Greeks in search of the future in Sweden

Sunday, 06 November 2011
The economic crisis in Greece means that mass unemployed young Greeks will be migrating elsewhere and recently it is reported that the amount of Greek immigrant to Sweden and other northern European countries in desperate search of jobs is rising.

In the Greek community in Stockholm, in recent weeks, there has been reported increase in the amount of young Greeks that have come in with the hope of a better life in Sweden.
The Swedish economy is doing well now and the Greeks being member of the EU have the right of free movement and free settling in any member state.


Sweden also needs some specific types of skills which are in extreme short supply in the country. Could these young Greeks come in with some of these badly needed skills and could Sweden be smart enough to keep prejudice at bay and extract some of these skills.

The Greek club in Stockholm and some other parts of the country are trying to give help to some newly arrived in the country.
“We try to help all young people who come here with all the paperwork and with accommodations for a while,” says Angeliqui Karapalas who work in the Greek association in Stockholm, speaking to radio Sweden.
She also adds that “When they get their papers in tact, we use the contacts we have so that they can get a job. But we do not make it easy for them either, we say that we can help them in maximum one month, thereafter they must fend for themselves.”

Besides, helping this way, the Greek club also assist with Swedish language training and support for those things that makes living in Sweden a necessity such as understanding the Swedish culture, ways of life and the zero tolerance to corruption and the “must” to paying your taxes.
By Scancomark.se Team

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