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Advice from Scancomark.se if you are looking for work: "Without contacts no chances of getting a job" – Swedish example

Friday, 13 May 2011
There is a common ways in which the job market is behaving these days – be it in Sweden, the UK or many other places. Without proper connection, chances are that people with skills remain in the shed of the jobs market.

This point has been highlighted in the Swedish media in recent days and we have been carrying out reports about ways for people especially those with limited connection to try and get work.
You have gone to school because you were advised that gaining a higher qualification will keep you out of the crowded in the job market. You see a job advertised that meets all your goals and interests and match your kills and knowledge as well as your qualification. You apply for the job only to be told that they are sorry you where not successful this time. Then you continue applying more and the rejection keep on growing. In some cases they don’t get back to you. Then you get depressed and dejected and you start going down.

But for others, it is different. Before they could finish the same course as you and even with minimal grades, they had already had their future plotted out. Brother, cousins, mothers, fathers etc know some body who know some body who knows some body that can help them. Soon they are working and you are not. That is life but is it supposed to be this way?

In Sweden this style is very viciously common and it is more painful here because Sweden is a very polarise country. This means it is hard to build connections with the right people. Despite the myth that Sweden is an equal society, the reality is that there are clusters of people here and there based on their wealth and social class. Therefore, poorer people with no market and company exposure cluster with each other while the rich and famous with industrial exposure and connection keep to themselves. Although this is not typical to the Swedish market, it is harsher in Sweden because the Swedish people are more to themselves unlike in places such as the UK where propel are more outgoing and more information can come from somewhere.

Students in Sweden are graduating from school in the coming weeks and months but there is already the fear uncertainty about their future.
Already some graduating student hold that the Swedish job market is a comedy. Without contacts no one get a job –especially careers that they can grow in. “It's so frustrating” one student commented to a Swedish news paper, after having applied for about 50 summer jobs without getting a single reply.

“You hear nothing or get a form of letter back. One will just get to sit at home all summer, "she told the paper.
Another student has also applied for some jobs and has not gotten close to getting a reply. The Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter, which is carrying out the outlook for those students, say that none of them have parents or other contacts that they believe can help them get jobs.

There are students who have already had their own future mapped out far more than the others and feel sure of what they want. One is already practicing work once a week at a hair salon where she had been offered a job after graduation if she wants.

But she has decided to go to his parents' country of origin, Lebanon, in a year to continue her further education there. Many of her relatives are self - employed in Sweden and she feels involved in their network.

But those who don’t have such privileges are supposed to be absorbed by the booming Swedish economy. This is so hard that many youths are planning to seek greener pastures abroad.

Graduate of all categories in Sweden are constricted by a type of organise-like ways of exclusion, so strong that the poor, those with immigrant background and the weak find it hard to start a career life irrespective of their qualification and training.

Therefore our advice to job seekers in Sweden is to build contact. If you are non Swedish speaker, try to learn to speak the language although your accent and style of speaking could be a hindrance but attempting is good. 

Be out going, show less stress and don’t behave like the Swedes. Sweden is a pretty boring place especially of you came from most of the US and areas around UK metropolis. There, try to be yourself. If you want to behave like the Swedes you will disappear in the crowd.
Therefore build contact and connections with the right people.
By Scancomark.se Team

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