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Why Swedish children are happier than British children – Britain loosing as a civilise place to live work and bring up children

Wednesday, 14 September 2011
British parents are pouring their children with gifts to compensate for their long hours of work and absence according to UNICEF report. On the flipside, children in Sweden and Spain, have more time with their parents.

UN body assessment by 2007 concluded that the British children are unhappiest in the developed world because of the brand coercion and lack of visitation with the family.
Now UNICEF interviewed hundreds of children in Sweden, Spain and the UK to see what makes them happy.

The British compulsive consumption was virtually non-existent in Sweden and Spain, said Agnes Nairn, who wrote the report.


Children of all countries were happy to be with family and friends and outdoor activities.
"Parents in Britain seem to be completely fixed in a consumer system that they know is useless, but they are hard to resist, "said Nairn.

Poorer Britons are particular pressured on the consumption and status requirements. They also engaged less time outdoors. The corresponding phenomenon does not exist in Spain, despite similar economic inequality.

Swedish parents seem to have more time for their children thanks to the Swedish social model, while large families create the same space in Spain. The report proposes, among other things, with Sweden as a role model that television advertising to children is prohibited in the UK.
The report is just one of many that paint a very dark picture of the British social system with strong commentators and right wing politician clamping down on the poorer lower earning workers and families. Some many aspects of modern life is absent in the UK and hard line rhetoric is rife masked by strong constricting political correctness.
Britain is loosing its places as one of the best places to live, work and bring up a family.
By Scancomark.se Tean

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