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Why Malmo is more affected than other major cities with violent crimes and why the Swedish authorities not doing much to check the situation?

Wednesday, 04 January 2012
Living in the sheltered city centre of Masthuggstorget in central Gothenburg, the only fears that sometimes come to me is when far-rights activist are matching around Första långåttan where I live. As a black as I am though pretty athletic and looking strong, I never venture out.

This happens regularly these days with the far rights now in command in power in Swedish politics, but it is however still better to be living Gothenburg than Malmö.

Despite the seemingly intimidating look of Gothenburg, the types of shootings and killings as observed in the past years in Malmo, southern Sweden, is scary. It is scary because one does not know who is shooting and what the motives are. What they want, we common people moving around and trying to carry on our businesses remain confused.

After several shootings in the past month in Malmo, there is now increasing police presence especially from Police forces coming from outside the city. On Tuesday evening there were several policemen around Lindängen, the area where the latest shooting on the street took place.

At the same time, an overview of violent crime in the country which includes those with fatal outcome in the last 20 years show that Malmö is more affected by this type of murders than other major Swedish cities.

One explanation to the reason why there is growing violence in Malmö is according to some analysts that geographically the city is a little closer to the continental Europe where it is possibly for drugs and other illegal goods to get into the town.

Swedish Crime Prevention Unit, Brå, carried out a review which show that this type of lethal violence, often in the street, has similarities with such carried out in places such as the Netherlands and Finland. While the frequency is lower in Finland, and there is slightly more frequently in the Netherlands, Malmö is similar to Netherlands in some respect.

“In a comparison with the Netherlands Malmö in many ways has a higher proportion of lethal force on the streets than domestic violence or alcohol-related violence. So in that way you could say that Malmö in this regard is the part of Sweden which is most similar to the continent,” says Sven Granath of the Swedish Crime Prevention Unit, Brå to radio Sweden.

In no time, five people were killed in various shooting incidences in Malmö, including the 15-year-old boy who was shot dead on New Year's night. As we reported earlier, the police now have a special commission to work on cases.

The Swedish crime prevention unit also identify that there guns feely obtainable in the city and the city is divided into various polarise groups. There are gangs that deal with drugs, money laundry, extortion and likes. Others are eastern European dealing with drugs and guns and Arabs also dealing with their drugs and the like. It is not yet clears what were these killings are gearing towards.
By Scancomark.se Team

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