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Unknown experimental aircraft forced the Oslo airport to close?

Thursday, 24 March 2011
A passenger plane with 400 passengers was forced to turn around and land at the airport when an unknown aerial vehicle blocked the sky over Gardermoen airport in Oslo at 16:30 o'clock on Thursday. Several thousand of passengers were affected as the Gardermoen in
airport Oslo was forced to close for 90 minutes.

It was just before 16 o'clock local time that the crew of the SAS flight on its way to land at Gardermoen airport spotted an unknown object at about 2400 meters in altitude. The crew alerted air traffic control and shortly thereafter the Gardermoen was closed for any further incoming or outgoing  flight.

The closure affected thousands of passengers. One of the planes  affected was an aircraft from Thai Air, which just before 17 hours local time was forced to go on standby mode around Arvika and could not approach Gardermoe - though it was later allowed to land at the airport.

A large number of aircrafts were diverted to other regional airports such as at Rygge, Kjevik, Fagern�s and Torp.
Jo Kobron Chief information officer at the Gardermoen Airport told the Swedish news daily, Dagen Nyheter that “We do not yet know what it was that was spotted to have occupied the airport space,". 
The crew described it as either a hang-gliders or an ultra light aircraft, but despite their checks with the hang glider organisation, they could still not identify what it was.”

The flying object could not be seen from the ground or the airport's radar. The airport reopened at 17.30, local time, according to report.

The closure would affect air traffic in large parts of Norway and that one may expect extensive delays. The cost will amount to several million according to airlines officials.
By Scancomark.se Team

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