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Unknown Danish donate a million Danish Krona to Danish Red Cross in strange way

Wednesday, 20 July 2011
A worker for the Danish Red Cross charity shop in the Danish Town of  Jyderup on Tuesday emptied a container of cloths and donated gifts only to  find that among them was an envelop full of hard cash. It was like a heavy blow to the worker who found the money.

In the envelope there was also a letter stating that the money should go to the Danish Red Cross. It was Dkr 1million in cash.
“It's amazing. Right now we are in heavy need for money to support hunger catastrophe in East Africa and then Dkr 1million just falls in. This will make a huge difference for us. The other day we sent Dkr1 million away, and if we can send more Dkr 1 million off, it is fantastic,” says communications manager at the Danish Red Cross, Ulrik Norup Jørgensen, to Danish radio.


Authorities of Danish Red Cross say that sometimes they find that people have forgotten Dkr50 or Dkr100 when putting clothes in a container, “but large sums in this way, we've never tried before.”

But is the money from a legitimate source or is some one trying to get ride of dirty money?
The Red Cross staff immediately contacted the police to ensure that money was not derived from crime. But everything suggests that the money is from legally acquired sources.
Therefore, it is expected that Vestsjællands (West Zealand) Police will hand over the money back to the Red Cross within a few days.

“But for the sake of appreciation,  we'd love to hear from the person who has given so much money so we closed the case in a reasonable manner,” says communications officer with the Mid and West Zealand Police, Carsten Andersen, who also promises personal anonymity.
By Scancomark.se Team

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