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Uncontrolled illegal weapons on swedish streets leads to explosion in violent crimes in Malmö, Sweden

Tuesday, 03 January 2012
In just over a month, five people have been killed in Malmo, Southern Sweden. According to the police one reason for the many murders has t with the large amount of illegal weapons found in the city.

A 15 year old boy was shot in New Year’s Eve and the boy later died. He is believed to have been a target where he apparently was concere to a point of no escape and hot to either injure him seriously or kill him.

This is how Molmö looks now – like a war zone  and this  happening in Sweden some of the safest places to live in which is not Africa, Afghanistan or those sorts of polices,

According t the police, the boy was pushed into the corner of a gate rise where he had no chance to escape. He was hit by several shots, one in the head and at least one in the chest. The police have found cartridge cases on the spot, but otherwise no trace of the perpetrator.

This is the fifth murder in Malmö since 24 November. In addition to the shootings there has also been personal knife murders.
Facts about the murders in Malmö

Son arrested for the murder of 70-year-old
 - Wednesday, March 9: A man in 70s found shot in the head. The man's son is arrested for murder.

Ambush outside Kallbadhus
 - Wednesday, May 11: A man in his 25-year-old is on his way to his car in the parking lot at Sibbarbs Kallbadhus. A person lies in and waits and shoots him in the head. The man died on the spot. The case not resolved.

"Clean execution" according to police
- Sunday, August 21: A man shot to death as he sits at a table outside a food stall. The police call it a clean execution. Case not resolved.

Leaders of criminal gangs
- Thursday, November 24: A 31-year-old leader of the criminal gang “Brotherhood” found shot to death in a taxi office. Case not resolved.

Handyman found killed in the basement
- Tuesday, December 20: A craftsman or handyman working on the renovation of a basement. Two masked men show up and shoot him in the head. He died on the spot. Case not resolved.

Masked man shot three
- Monday, December 26: A masked man with two pistols enter a club room and open fire shooting three people. One killed instantly, the other two injured. Case not resolved.

That is our Sweden

“I have never seen anything like it,” says Börje Sjöholm of the Malmö police. We have received a development with a lack of respect for human life and a violence that lacks all proportion.”

Borje Sjöholm says that one reason for the many murders is the large amount of illegal weapons that are found on the streets in Malmö.

“The courts look far too mild for illegal possession of weapons. A man who was found with a Kalashnikov was given only four months in prison. The Court held that there was a mitigating factor that he said he needed it to defend himself with. It should instead have been an aggravating factor and he should be convicted of weapons offenses.”

The maximum penalty for weapons offenses in Sweden is four years in prison as such “the courts must take into account the context in which a weapon is found in determining the sentence. In Denmark, the penalty is increased by 50 percent if a weapon is found in the gang environment.”

The locality of Rosengard which the murder of 15-year-old took place was almost deserted on Monday morning. This is one of the most deprived regions of the country and habited by mostly out-of-touch immigrant – looking Swedish people. They seem to be living in a state within the Swedish state as they have nothing in common with the “real” Swedish society.
Unemployment here is almost 60 percent and most people here don’t speak Sweden and live almost 100 percent of state hand outs.  For those who happen to gain a little bit of education of try to integrate, they are scorned by the largely far right environment reigning around the region.
Gun possession here in seen as a way of protecting their “respect”, settling scores and enforcing their street code of conducts. This is almost a no go region for the Swedish government and the police and as see with most immigrant sectors of the Swedish society,  there is high level deprivation that lead to social collapse with result to such violence. In Malmö it is worse because of the heavy far right scent in the air here – even with in the police force here.

In other places such as in Gothenburg such as in Bergjörn or in Hisingen, there it is more the drug culture that leads to violence as social deprivation has led to the growth in the drug gang culture.
One thing is clear though, guns everywhere on the streets in Malmö
by Scancomark.se

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