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Soini, True Finn party leader takes  swipe at Swedish Media Critics

Thursday, 21 April 2011
True Finns leader Timo Soini says that he has been both saddened and surprised by criticism of himself and his party in the Swedish media. He also warned that extreme criticism may damage relations between Finland and Sweden.

Speaking to the Finnish news broadcaster Yle, he said "I am saddened and surprised at the level to which they have stooped. There's shocking stuff there," said Soini.

Soini speculated on Wednesday that some of the criticism may be from Finnish sources.
"It must be nice to come on assignment to Finland, eat beaver [a delicacy in Finland] at the Hotel Kämp, write a story without doing interviews and fly back."

At a press conference following a party executive committee meeting on Wednesday, Soini pointed out that no questions regarding the True Finns position on the Swedish language, nor on immigration were presented to True Finns Party representatives at a post-election press conference for the international media. He said that reading the papers the next day, he had to wonder if he had been at the same press conference, reports Yle

"It's nasty looking stuff, what's been in the international press," he said to Yle
"Show me an MP who says that I hate Swedes or that I'm a racist. You won't find a single one," Soini snapped.

Soini also rebutted claims that the True Finns is an extremist party. He argued that neither the National Coalition, nor the SDP, would be willing to cooperate with an extremist party.

The True Finns leader added that he is trying to keep his temper and he urged the Swedes to do the same. Soini reminded listeners that there is cooperation in many affairs among the Nordic countries and that it would be strange if the government ministers in charge of these matters could not even say good day to one another.

"Now indeed, it's not worth it. I myself am going to let my head cool off and sit on my hands for two minutes to keep them off the computer keyboard. That's not the way to handle things, said Soini, as reported by the Finnish broadcasting service Yle.
By Scancomark.se Team

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