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Trouble in Swedish football – new season starts with more than heavy disturbances

Monday, 25 April 2011
Swedish premi�re football league (soccer) or what is known as Allsvenska has one characteristic that shows that Swedish football is still about 20 years behind strong champions such as Denmark or Norway – if we choose to remain in the Nordic for comparison. Why? Crowd disturbances and hooliganism! This could be one of the main reasons why Swedish clubs never progress anywhere in European and international competitions.

Danish and Norwegian clubs always do well in Europe. Success here is measured in that they reach group stages of the champion’s league and sometimes even the knock out stages. But for the past 10 years, no Swedish club has gotten near the group stages but there is too much noise and disturbances in the Swedish football league that one asks the question why?

The league just started after the very long winter break and already bad things are beginning to happen. The match between AIK and Syrianska was suspended after 20 minutes when supporters threw firecrackers towards the assistant referee Daniel W�rnmark.

He was injured and required hospital treatment according to the match delegate, Lars Wilhelmsson.

When the match between AIK and Syrianska was only 20 minutes old, an AIK striker Teteh Bangura was sent off after stamping on Syrianska goalkeeper, Dwayne Miller.


Then chaos erupted and as a result of the red card several firecrackers were thrown onto the pitch. One of them struck the assistant referee Daniel W�rnmark, knocking him cold.

“The referee is injured by a bright shot in the ear. He has guaranteed been affected by tinnitus,” said the match delegate, Lars Wilhelmsson to Canal Plus. “He should see a doctor,” he adds.

It is not clear who that threw the first punch among the two groups of supporters. According to Canal Plus, which broadcast the match, AIK supporters had thrown the shot that struck Daniel W�rnmark.

According Radiosporten, the radio football commentary broadcaster from radio Sweden, the short came from Syrianska part of the grandstand, and then AIK responded with their own fireworks.

After half an hour of discussion the judgments was taken that the match had to be stopped.
“It's a very bitter atmosphere in the stadium, "said Lars Wilhelmsson and pointed out that the decision to break the match was unanimous.

Crowd trouble is a growing problem in Swedish domestic league where there is extreme bitter rivalry between various teams coming from different parts of the country. The problems in that Swedish game has not helped the clubs to do well in any way in international competition. The matches are not pretty or interesting and crowd trouble here is just not a way of life.

Swedish football officials need to learn from the UK which successfully manage and almost eradicated crowd disturbances from football and has made he British league one of the best on the world.
By Scancomark.se Team

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